Staying a father even at a distance

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A few years after our separation and subsequent divorce, my ex-wife moved with our two children from Munich to Hamburg. Until then, I saw my daughter and son regularly and easily on the weekends and during the holidays.

When my family moved to Hamburg, everything changed suddenly. The move finally made me a separated father.

Unfortunately, at the time I had to realize that there was no forum for separated fathers like me to exchange and inform. My search on the Internet was unsuccessful, although I now know that many fathers have had similar experiences.

That was my incentive to get the website up and running. “Papa bleiben” means “staying a father”.

My initiative is aimed at all fathers who never or only rarely see their children, have little contact and have been involuntarily excluded from their children's lives.

If you feel addressed because you do not know how to remain a father at a distance, then you are in the right place. My website is in German, but you can read almost all of the articles here on Medium in English.

I cannot and will not answer questions that belong in the field of jurisprudence or medicine. I am neither a lawyer nor a doctor or a psychologist. If you have such questions, please contact experts, the responsible authorities or institutions.

In my blog, the focus is on the personal experiences of affected fathers. I would like to share my experiences with you here. I would also like to use your experiences - in anonymized form, of course - in my articles. In this way, a great wealth of knowledge and experience gradually grows, which is available to every affected father and from which he can draw help or consolation.

I hereby invite you to share your experiences with me. You can easily reach me via email. Do not be shy!

I will treat every letter as strictly confidential, you can rely on that.

I'm looking forward to you, papa!

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